MUSIC will make you smarter!

February 23, 2017 bretterson No comments exist

Hello everyone!  For the first official post in the McCarty Minute, I thought i’d start off with one of the FUNDAMENTAL things that the Granger Music Program is built around.  Music is an Essential part of our lives…and it changes the way your brain works.

Many of you guys have seen this video before, but I’m putting it up here so we can keep reminding ourselves about how important what we do in music is!  Music isn’t just what we do in our 1 class period.  Music affects every part of how your brain learns!

You’ve heard me say if before but…

Music IS Math

Music IS Language

Music IS History

Music IS Science

Music IS Physical


Everything you are learning in your other classes each and every day, you will be Better at, Faster at, strong at, when you are involved in music.  But don’t take it from me…the science speaks for itself!



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