It’s not HARD, it’s just New

March 6, 2017 bretterson No comments exist


Everything that you are good at now in your life…you used to be terrible at.  You had to LEARN how to tie your shoes.  Now, you don’t even think about it, but go ask your parents…they’ll tell you all about how you learned, and how long it took you.

Those things that are challenging for us, are just ways to help us grow.  You’ll look back in a couple of months, or a few years, and you’ll see that the things that are like second nature to you now…were once really hard.

Practice.  Repeat.  Push yourself with things that are slightly beyond where you are now…because that is how you will grow.  And you’ll get yourself to a place where you can say…’I can’t believe I ever thought this was hard’

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