Advanced Band


Musically picturesque, this lyrical offering allows us to reflect upon the peacefulness of a quiet snowfall and playfulness of a snow day. Beautiful melodic lines combine with dynamic contours and texture changes which add to the delightful character of this evocative piece.

Winter Wonderland

You hear it everywhere on the radio every holiday season, so why not hear it at your young band's winter concert?  A skillfully scored arrangement in a pleasing moderate swing style to top off your holiday program.

Intermediate/Beginning Band

Festive Fanfare

When Santa's Away, the Elves will Play

Here's some holiday fun for young bands! The sounds of Santa's workshop tell us that the elves are working fast and furious, but this all changes as soon as Santa steps away. A raucous celebration immediately breaks out until the whistle sounds and order is restored. Both students and audiences will delight at this entertaining seasonal treat!

Autumn Reflections

As the warm days of summer pass and the chill of winter is on the horizon, we tend to pause and reflect on what has passed and what lies ahead. The floating lines and evocative harmonies depict these thoughtful reflections as well as the joy of abundance found during this season.


Tech Ensemble/Guitar

Jingle Bell Rock